Live event - Wedding painting by Vesna Longton


20X16 - $1900

Vertical, only portrait of two

18X24 - $2000

Vertical, only portrait of two

22X28 - $2200

About 7-8 recognizable people

24X30 - $2300

About 9-10 recognizable people

24X36 - $2400

About 11- 12 recognizable people

30X40 - $3100

About 13-14 recognizable people

30X48 - $3600

About 15-16 recognizable people, possibly finished in the artist's studio

*Other sizes of paintings are negotiable. For locations over an hour from Attleboro, MA, there is a travel charge.


Paintings are done live at the text-start event as entertainment for the guests. By the end of the event, the painting will be ready. Paintings can be done in oil, acrylic, or pastel. Acrylic paintings and pastel can be taken home by the client right after it is finished. Oil paintings need to stay with the artist for 7-14 days to allow them to dry.